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Be Wary of Single Point Solutions

Richard Hallahan

Recently a data center customer came to us looking for a single point solution to address particulate matter (PM) emissions for their existing, multiple genset installation.  They called us because the local jurisdiction came to them and required them to lower their PM (and prove it) before they would approve the building permit for the expansion project.  Now this type of single point solution isn’t problem for Cummins because we can tailor our aftertreatment solutions to address specific hazardous air pollutants if that’s what the customer wants.  But is that what the customer really needs to address the emissions concerns long term?

In this particular case the local jurisdiction recently passed the PM level requirement and made it retroactive to exiting gensets on a site.  It is PM concerns today, what will it be tomorrow, NOx, CO, Tier 4 compliance?  No one can tell what or when a local jurisdiction will do when it comes to emissions or adopting regulations as stringent as what the EPA requires to meet future emission regulations.  One solution to ensure you cover your bases may be retrofitting the existing gensets with a Tier 4 compliant aftermarket solution. The best answer may be to work with local jurisdiction to better understand what may lie ahead before addressing the single point solution because the long term solution may require more than that.